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How to Find the Best Drummer for Your Band

Whether you're just starting a band or you have one, and you need a new drummer, you want to find the best. The first thing that you can do is search 'best drummer in my area,' but this is just the beginning of your journey to find one. It isn't always easy to find the right person to mesh with the rest of the band. However, by taking the time, in the beginning, to ensure that you find the right person, you'll find that things go much more smoothly down the road.

Narrow Down the List

Once you search in your area, take down the names that you find. Narrow down the list to only those who play the same music as you. Sure, a good player can probably play with you, but if it is not the music that they love, they could lose their passion. Audiences can usually tell when a player is just going through the motions. If you play jazz, find those who play jazz, if you like rock, choose those who play rock.

See Them in Action

  • Find out where they will be playing.

  • Attend those venues of events.

  • Once you've listened to several, you can narrow down the list even more.

Make Contact

Make contact with those who appeal to you. Discuss the potential recruit's interest in joining a band. Some may have no interest at all. You will more than likely find some who would love to join you.

Hold Auditions and a Meet and Greet

Alert those who made the final cut that you'll be holding auditions and that you would like to host a meet and greet. It is essential to make sure that any new band member has a good rapport with the rest of the band. If there are any conflicts between personalities, it is best to keep looking. You don't want to choose someone who may upset the balance in the group.

Finding a new band member can be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort. However, it is worth the work, because you will end up with someone well-suited to working with you and the rest of the band. The hope is that the person seamlessly blends in with the group. Each member is vital and has a special place in the group. When a new member enters, everyone's feelings need consideration.

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